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I created this website to help others prepare for generic fundamentals exams in the nuclear industry. The first version was remedial compared to its current status, but that was all that my class needed to help supplement our Initial Non-licensed Operator training at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station in 2008. There have been a few minor updates over the years but the most notable took place in 2012 while I was preparing for my Initial License Training program to become a Reactor Operator.

I personally coded every detail of this website and host it on a dedicated server that I rent at a data center. This server houses a few other projects of mine but this website is its primary load.

Why donate? Donations go directly to my monthly server fees. My goal is to maintain the most current GF data on a fast server that is completely free of advertisements (except for my Tesla link above).

Aside from computer programming with PHP and mySQL, I also enjoy metal working in my garage. I have a lathe, a mill, Tig/Mig/Stick welders, a car lift, and a telescoping gantry crane built by yours truly. I have also worked with a few projects involving microcontrollers. I finished a prototype that receives boat engine data from my 2002 Volvo Penta 5.7gxi-b and broadcasts it on my NMEA 2000 network to be displayed on my Raymarine E7 multi-function display.

The success of the microcontroller projects lead me to starting a small business,
Fox Marine, LLC. We have expanded from our single MEFI-3 Engine Gateway and now offer Engine Gateways supporting the following Marine Engine ECMs: MEFI-1, MEFI-2, MEFI-3, MEFI-4, MEFI-5, MEFI-6, ECM/PCM 555. We also offer a variety of cabling products and Fox Marine branded accessories.

Thanks for your comments and support!